About Us

Pooch Play was established in 2004.  Prior to Pooch Play I owned a pet sitting business, taught obedience classes, provided private lessons, and was a professional dog trainer.  As with all things in life, we must change and evolve.  That is how Pooch Play was born.  My clients asked for it.  I aim to provide what my clients and their pooches want.  

Our facility is privately located at the base of  Mt Si in North Bend, WA.  The facility has accommodated all types, sizes, and breeds of dogs.  We specialize in allowing your pooch the freedom to "just be a dog".  We have a 4,000 square foot outdoor play yard with cedar chips, trees, play toys, a "real" fire hydrant, and even a toilet to drink out of!  

All dogs are evaluated to make sure that they are a good match for Pooch Play.  Not all dogs are suitable for play group, but most are!  

Our K-9 Cruiser is the trademark of Pooch-Play.  Not only do the parents know the cruiser, but our pooches know what day it is coming for them.  They hear it beep beep backing up and are eager to ride to the place where fun happens.  

We hope that you and your pooch will come for a  visit.... then stay and play. 

Tracy and the Pooch Play Team

Play time

Have fun and get dirty

Clean off

Riding the bus

Off Leash Dog Socialization 

Waiting for the bus


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The Pooch Play bus