Pepper snoozing in her room

Pooch Play suite

Our pooches enjoy playing in Western Washington weather.  

After play a complimentary tidy before heading home to nap. 

  • Our five rooms provide a home-like feel and are approximately 50 square feet each.  Special accommodations can be made for dogs with different needs.
  • The K-9 Clubhouse has heat, a/c, natural lighting, piped in music, and raised sleeping arrangements.  
  • Pooches are expected not to have any dog, people, or food aggression.  We do not take pooches

              that are  destructive, exhibit separation anxiety, are constant barkers, or are not housebroken.

  • All pooches must be clean and free of parasites.  We can not accept dogs that are not groomed.    If your dog has not been bathed in over 4 months a bath is required prior to boarding.
  • Due to our limited size; an evaluation, paperwork, and  deposit are required before you dog's

             space will be held.

  • We are open for drop off and pick up 9:15am - 11:45am or 7:15pm - 8:45pm.  7 days a week. 
  • We are closed from 12:00pm - 7:00pm
  • Arrangements can be made for drop off or pick up outside of our normal hours on a case

              by case basis

  • All drop off and pick up is by appointment only

Off Leash Dog Socialization 

Boarding Info

Pooch Play Info


​   Pooch Play

  • Pooch Play operates on Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday
  • We pick up dogs within the Snoqualmie / North Bend area only​  (some areas are outside our driving radius)
  • You do not need to be present for you pooch to ride the bus
  • We do accept dogs that do not ride the bus (after the initial meet and greet).  Just call the day you want your dog to play.​
  • Play time is approximately two hours after arrival of the bus
  • All dogs receive a tidy up in our fully equipped grooming area before going home 
  • All Pooches must have an evaluation prior to their first play
  • All Pooches must be current on their vaccinations
  • We require that a current application is on file
  • Pooch Play is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day
  • Pooch Play is cancelled during bad driving conditions (if the school buses won't pick up your children... we won't  pick up your pooch!)
  • Un-spayed females are not accepted after 6 months of age.  Un-neutered males are not accepted after 12 months of age
  • Dogs may attend play once they have received all vaccinations (usually after 16 weeks)​
  • We do not deny a dog based on breed.  However all dogs are not suitable for off leash dog play